Monday, 1 December 2008

Ice Cream Tuesday

When I had Matthew I made three new friends-Denise, Helen and Tina. On a Tuesday afternoon we would congregate at someone's house for a natter with our respective children-Matthew, Amy, Alex and Niall. In the summer months the ice cream man would be around, we called him the music man but the kids might have been young but they weren't stupid! Anyway ice creams would be bought because we were such lovely mums (honestly it wasn't because an ice cream bought us a few more minutes of gossiping time). Niall is missing from this picture but the tradition continued until the kids started school, including their added siblings. Now Helen is in New Zealand and Tina in Eire but me and Denise still meet up once a week for a tea and a chat, although matthew and Amy have far more exciting things to do than be anywhere near us!!

The papers used are scenic route


Ruthy said...

I just love this LO Ruth.

Wendy said...

This is lovely Ruth. When my nephew was younger his mum used to tell him the ice cream van was the dog meat van
Wendy x