Monday, 2 July 2012

The Big Clear Out

So I have a week to clear all my craft stuff from the middle landing, and then also have to attack the hall and the top landing. Slave One can help although the first task with this slave is to persuade him out of his bed, Slave Two has very conveniently broken his right collar bone and has been told no lifting for at least 6 weeks (another 5 weeks to go) and Salve Three has hypermobile joints which means he has no upper body strength. Slaves 4, 5, 6 and 7 are of the furry kind and of no use whatsoever as you can see by the picture below-Frodo in a box!

So with just a week to go you'd think I'd be hard at work, I wouldn't have spent the morning answering emails and making a new blog header, oh I also ordered some cheap self adhesive pearls, despite the box that houses them being full to bursting already! I then decided I'd keep a blog record of the changes going on so here's a couple of pictures of an emptyish set of shelves and a missing desk (goes in front of the window)

So now I have run out of excuses and need to carry on clearing, well after another cup of tea and some lunch! I can see me in a state of panic next Sunday!


Judie savage-lovell said...

Dont think your cats gonna move lol, good luck with all the packing xx

Judie xx

fatmonica said...

What is it about cats and boxes?!!

Caroline said...

My cat loves boxes nearly went with the removal men once. Caroline xxx

she3655 said...

lol.... good luck xx

sue - bearhouse said...

Yep, my cats are just the same with boxes. My Milton looks just like your black cat.
Good luck with the packing!


Anonymous said...

Lovely looking car, ours too like boxes and plastic bags xx

Chris said...

Good luck with the packing, just took me 3 days to have a clear out in my craftroom. Chris xx

xxxtglxxx said...

It must seem like an uphill struggle Ruth, but it gets quicker as you reach the end I reckon ;)

I have moved house 4 times in a decade, and it never gets easier, even though i seemed to chuck stuff out every time! lol. :)

Cute kitty! :)

good luck,