Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Clearing More Clutter

Honestly I'd hate to move house, there's enough junk on two landings and in the hall!This is one of the main reasons I hopefully have a decorator turning up on Monday morning. I have lived with this hideous floral wallpaper for 13 years, I think that's long enough. The bottom part of the wall up to the dado rail is plain green, then this on top. The new look will be plain old magnolia on the top, and a pale green on the bottom. Can't really change the colour scheme as the carpet is green and it'll probbably take me another 13 years to save up and change that.

Today I have worked on shelves in between sneezing in all the dust, below is a partially clear set of shelves that are almost all clear. I'm going to a crop this weekend and am hopefully taking a load of stuff with me to sell or to put on a charity table. I think I could have been more ruthless but I am Ruth so I've never quite mastered being without myself!

As you can see the dog has been really keen to help!

Onwards at least it's Tuesday- 2 for 1 day at a well known pizza retailer!


Caroline said...

looks like you are getting there. Love the dog.Caroline xxx

Lorraine said...

I thought that was a lovely sheet of paper before I read it was wallpaper, pmsl.

Lisa said...

Nothing like a good de-clutter & it looks like you may be interupting the dogs napping!

fatmonica said...

I think the dog's got the right idea!