Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Mixed Post

Evening all, well the decorator is due tomorrow and have almost managed to clear everything. As you can see the desk and computer are still on the landing but fingers crossed he can work round them, there won't be as many wires as I'll unplug my computer during the day.

Had some sad news today, a lady I knew from when I volunteered for the SEN Families Support Group (a local charity) died last week, she was only in her 30's just had her 4th child last year. It looks likely that it was complications following a recent op. My heart goes out to her family. There seems to have been a fair bit of sadness recently, my son's friend from school died in a road traffic accident and Mum's hairdresser lost her 17 year old son to cancer. Such a loss.

I went to my friend Cal's crop at Rochdale yesterday with all the stuff sorted from here and sold a good bit raising £165, the money will go to the fund set up by Mum's hairdresser in memory of her son, Daniel's Shining Star, and any money raised will be split between Brain Tumour UK (more research into brain tumours is desperately so every little helps) and CLIC Sargent which is a charity that supports young people with cancer and their families. A big thank you to the ladies at the Rochdale crop.


she3655 said...

I'm sure the decorators will be able to work round your PC... sorry to hear you sad news... I lost my Brother in law, a few weeks ago, such a sad time xx

Zoe said...

O my gosh, you need cheering up Hun! Hopefully a newly decorated room might do that. Sorry that you've had so much sadness surrounding you lately, and all so young.

Kathryn said...

Oh dear what terrible news you've had lately x hope your crafty room gets sorted soon xx

Tine said...

Such tragedy. Each one a terrible loss & a sad time for so many.

Hope your crafty space gets sorted quickly. Could do with decorators myself. LOL. My, that is a fine looking computer desk you have there. If I had one as grand as that I couldn't open my door! LOL.
You were soo near me too when you went to Rochdale.
Keep smiling.
Tine :)

xxxtglxxx said...

It sounds like such a lot of sorrow and death at young ages Ruth, these are always such a shock and very hard to come to terms with.

I have a friend who lost his 21 yr old daughter and I have never witnessed grief like it in my life :(

Hope the decorating doesnt drag on, cant wait to see it! :)