Friday, 13 March 2015

Aubery Bumblethorpe-Dr Digi's House of Stamps

I remember in my teenage years, at the disco on the end of the pier, there used to be a bit of heavy metal playing every now and then. Of course, as a Duran Duran fan I ran to the bar to buy my soft drink (under 18's disco on a Monday night) and would never have dreamt of joining the head banging minions on the dance floor. A few years later (well maybe quite a lot of fews put together) I have soft spot for the old heavy metal bands and quite like some of their music, the music gets turned up loud and I sing along louder, but no head banging!

This just goes to prove that you are never to old to rock, even if the rocking bones might be a bit creaky! You can find Aubery Bumblethorpe (coloured) HERE and his black and white counterpart HERE.

Hope you all have a good weekend

Ruth x


Lorraine said...

Love it Ruth, lol. Great card.

WeirdCat said...